Welcome to LINDENMANN cast-iron staircases!

We are casting stairways made of iron. They are true reproductions from originals (designed about 1860-1890). With their unequalled beauty they will get a highlight in every ambiente.

We have 4 different diameters for spiral staircases and one straight ascending one. Beside this a casted capital to ornament columns and a rectangular plate for a gallery is in our program.

The spiral staircases can be elaborated clockwise or anticlockwise ascending. The amount of steps is variable. As You can see on the pictures there are few variaties at the banister and it always can be continued horizontally.

Please focus especially the plasticity, lucidity and the historical correctness of the ornaments.

Get impressed by the price of a complete set. For example model 134, shown beside, with 14 steps will cost € 5.450,- including 19% German VAT. Shipment if wanted additional.

For further details please contact us.